I am a freelance writer who has been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Living with this chronic condition is the primary subject matter of my blog. But I'm more than my diagnosis, so my blog will also reflect my interest in writing, music, gardening, and life in the Deep South. So, come on in this house and enjoy some Southern hospitality! 

Here's an example of the kind of irreverent, sarcastic things I am wont to post on my blog. A friend who also has been diagnosed with MS read and re-posted the following on Facebook. She commented that she though it was "so funny, but appropriate, I think." 

In order to have MS, you should acquire a cleaner, gardener, cook and general handyman. If this is impossible, you should find a rich, devoted, non-talkative partner with few outside interests. Do not consider MS unless you have a downstairs toilet. It is advisable to get rid of dependent children (unless very helpful) and ask elderly relatives not to have any major crises during the course of your life. All visitors should be advised to bring their own food. Before embarking on this illness, the patient should make a badge which says, “Looks all right, feels awful.” The person with MS (as the most restricted member of the household) should establish absolute authority over the TV remote. The person with MS should let it be known that his/her needs will change from day to day without notice and family members who help/fail to help appropriately will get their heads bitten off! [Source: Joyce Gray]

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