MS: Biting the bullet and using a scooter (fifth and final part)

July 26, 2016


Driving the scooter to the East Lodge at Glacier National Park

By the time Amtrak gets to Union Station in Chicago, our connecting flight has left Midway Airport without us. The train station is about to close for the night at 1 am, and the airport won’t reopen until 3. So that we won’t be stranded, Amtrak puts us in a sleeper car on the tracks inside the station until 5 am, when we are awakened and led to a taxi that will take us to the airport. We check the bags and the scooter at Midway and get on a short flight home to the Deep South.

When we pick up our bags at the airport back in God’s country, the scooter is nowhere to be seen. Seems it never made it out of Chicago. After a brief delay in baggage claim, I sign a form verifying that I did not pick up the scooter.That evening at home, I get a call from the airport. The scooter has been located! It is delivered to my house, and all is well.

Mountain at Glacier

Glacier National Park

Thinking back on the past 10 days, I realize this experience has taught me that I can enjoy myself much more when I don’t expend all of my energy walking. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but I am sold on the benefits of using a scooter on occasion, rather than walking long distances.

I want to thank my friends who use scooters and who had assured me that it would be a vast improvement over walking everywhere on my recent vacation.

They were right. It took me awhile to warm up to the idea, but now that I’m comfortable with it, I plan to take a scooter with me on future trips that may require a lot of walking.

Using a scooter requires me to be flexible and admit my limitations, but in the long run, it is one more way to keep MS from controlling what I can and can’t do. I plan to purchase a scooter by year-end.




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