MS: Biting the bullet and using a scooter (part two)

July 11, 2016


Ponderosa Commons, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

In preparation for the trip , I borrowed a three-wheel mobility scooter from a friend. My traveling companion (TC) installed a new battery in the scooter the next day, and I went for a test run.

On the following Saturday morning, when we got to the airport, I rode the scooter from the curb to the counter, where we checked the scooter as baggage. (A hint from the scooter’s owner: When you check a scooter at the airport, keep the key with you. You don’t want the key to get lost in the baggage hold and have to put your vacation on pause while you wait for a baggage handler to find the key.)

When we arrived at the Seattle airport, the scooter was brought around to the baggage area, and I rode it out of the airport to a rental car. TC disassembled the scooter and put it in the trunk of the car — along with our suitcases — and we headed out for the Canadian border.

As I write this, we have maneuvered through Seattle in heavy traffic (on a Saturday afternoon –who knew?), crossed the border into Canada and arrived at Ponderosa Commons at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

On Monday morning, TC leaves for the day to attend a scientific conference, at which he will speak on Tuesday. The weather is sunny and mild, so I’m thinking of tooling around outside on the scooter until I find a pleasant, sunny spot, and then stopping to do a little reading.

I turn the scooter on, and it beeps loudly a whole bunch of times. I turn it off and try again, but it beeps again. When I press the handle to move the scooter forward, it won’t move an inch. According to the trouble-shooting guide, I am supposed to count the beeps and then refer to a chart to find out what the beeps mean. (Thanks to my friend for emailing that information to me before we left on our trip!)

But I don’t really want to deal with problem right now, so I decide to behave like any other self-respecting procrastinator and turn my attention to something else. Did I mention how pleasant it is this morning in Vancouver, where the temperature is 25 degrees lower than it is at home in Alabama?



One Response to “MS: Biting the bullet and using a scooter (part two)”

  1. Tallulah DeMarco Says:

    Jane, so glad you are having fun! Love you!


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