Not yet out of the woods

August 12, 2015

Gentle Readers,

Do you remember that medical-insurance problem I wrote about earlier this year? The one where I was told in January that I would have to pay $750 a month for a prescription for which I had previously paid only $40 a month?

Well, I thought the story had ended happily when I was told in early March that I would be paying $60 a month for the drug. So, I ordered the medication immediately and refilled it each month for the next four months.

Then, in July, I got the first bill. The amount due was $572.43 — for the first month’s supply. Math isn’t my long suit, but it didn’t take much to figure out that if the price stayed the same for the next four months,  I could end up paying more than $2,800 for five months of the medication, as opposed to the $300 I was expecting to pay.

Long story short, I once again contacted the HR Direct folks at Southern Company four weeks ago, and I expressed my concern about the price. I have touched base with them each week since then, but so far, the news has not been good.

Stay tuned.


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