Maneuvering the medical-insurance maze

February 12, 2015

(NOTE: I realize this post is dated Feb. 12, but that is a WordPress error I cannot correct. This information is in fact being posted on Feb. 22.)

Beware, gentle readers, I’m still on my soapbox. It’s been 22 days since my last post, “Lost in the medical-insurance maze,” wherein I told the story of my attempt to work with a pharmaceutical company to obtain a discounted price for an otherwise expensive medication.

Long story short, my medical insurance plan changed at the first of the year, and my price for this prescription increased from $40 to $631 a month. Since that time, I have applied to a prescription assistance program that could reduce my cost for the drug, and I am still waiting to hear if I have been accepted to the program.

My diagnosis of multiple sclerosis adversely affected my ability to walk more than 10 years ago, and this medication is the only FDA-approved drug that improves walking in people with MS. It is a relatively new drug, so it’s not available in generic form. For the past few years, this medication has helped me walk better.

About seven weeks have passed since I have had access to the drug. And even though I continue to minimize my walking as much as possible, my leg muscles now feel weaker and fatigue more easily than before.

Last week, I fell and bruised my right hip. Walking is painful, and I can’t walk as far or as fast as I did before I fell. I’m still making it to the grocery store and the mailbox, but that’s about it.

I hope to hear good news about the medication on Monday, but if I don’t get a letter in the mail from the pharmaceutical company, I will give them another call and ask about my case.

Gentle readers, I will let you know if I am accepted to the prescription-assistance program and can once again afford to take this medication that has done so much to improve the quality of my life. 


2 Responses to “Maneuvering the medical-insurance maze”

  1. sgraphos1028 Says:

    Be strong. Did you recover your good cane??


  2. No. Still using the el-dorko model, but it works just fine.


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