WalkAide issues: ink and mink

November 2, 2014

putting on WalkAideI have purchased a WalkAide System to help minimize foot-drop related to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. So far, the device is working well.

Next on my Walkaide to-do list is to get a few simple, yet elegant tattoos on my lower right leg to help me place the device correctly so that it will function properly. (If the electrodes are not in the right place, the device won’t work.)

I’m considering two options for the tattoos. Either small dots that look like freckles or small stars placed to look like a constellation, such as the Big Dipper. The first would probably be less painful, while the second seems more creative. It’s a difficult choice, but nonetheless, I plan to be inked by the end of the week.

One of my favorite things about the WalkAide is that I can wear attractive shoes again — not the el-dorko kind that you wear when you use a leg brace, which I did for many years. (If you are interested in a good deal on some slightly used el-dorko shoes, just holler.)

I am also working to resolve a Walkaide-related fashion challenge. I purchased and wore capris with the device this summer, but the legs of most long pants aren’t big enough to wear a Walkaide inside them.  I don’t own any palazzo pants or long skirts. They’re just not my style, but maybe it’s time to get some.

Even in the Deep South, where I live, the clichéd frost is already on the pumpkin, and this Halloween weekend is the coldest I can remember. I need winter clothes — skirts and pants, because I will move my capris from the closet to the cedar chest soon. I don’t consider bare calves with goosebumps in November to be a fashion-forward option.

Might I receive an invitation to a fancy holiday soiree this year? It’s possible. I guess I should put some thought into getting gussied up in a fancy outfit. And maybe, I should go ahead and plan to borrow a mink coat from a friend, just in case.

(NOTE: If this post interests you, you might want see my previous posts about the Walkaide System.)


15 Responses to “WalkAide issues: ink and mink”

  1. Jan Jenner Says:

    HI Jane,
    Love your post. Tina Fey has nothing on you, my dear. Y0u make me smile.

    Hope you go for the little constellation.

    FYI: great palazzo pants may be had in a women’s wear store on 280, in a shopping strip that is between McDonald’s and Publix and across from the Walmart. I’m blanking on the name of the store, but Jennifer knows it.

    Looking forward to seeing the tattoo.



  2. sgraphos1028 Says:

    Boot cut jeans and cords are always in. Best of all, they can be ordered online from Eddie Bauer, JJIll, J Crew, etc…?No need to walk around shopping!!!


  3. nbondellio Says:

    i love the tattoo idea. stars…. initials….or miniature sketches of your favorite shoes. go for it!


  4. luann Says:

    have been wanting to get tats aslo, just keep putting it off. thinking of lighting bolts or something to indicate electrical current LOL. in the meantime i’m going thru a lot of sharpies. my winter wardrobe is long skirts and boot cut jeans. (boyfriend from american eagle are my fave) and boot cut yoga pants for the gym


    • Thanks, Luann, for your comment. My tats are minimal, and they were done with some sort of pen thing, instead of with a machine that sounds like someone is drilling your teeth. The pain wasn’t so bad. Didn’t last long, anyway. I am buying my first long skirt tomorrow, I have a couple of pairs of jeans that work with the WalkAid, but they aren’t the most attractive. I will try the brands you suggest. Best of luck to you with your WalkAid! – Jane


    • P.S. I like the idea of lightning bolts, but I went with a line and a dot because it was the least painful.


  5. Teresa Santistevan Says:

    My son has foot drop so bad, his just slaps loudly when it drops, . His leg also snaps back.. Will this device also help ppl with the knee??


    • I worked with a PT who was familiar with neurological problems, who recommended I see an orthotic specialist who let me try out the device. I also have problems hyper-extending my knee. That’s why I wore a brace for years. So when I got the WalkAide, I worked hard to strengthen the muscles in my leg. I am still working on that. My control of my knee has improved. I’m not a PT or orthotic specialist, but I would suggest you look into a WalkAide for your son. You can try one out for at least a week or so and see if it works for him. Best of luck in finding a solution to your son’s issues. – Jane


  6. Allyson Says:

    How much did your walkaide cost. Am trying to prepare myself


  7. I just found your blog. I’m going in two weeks for my first visit. I have MS too.

    Reading this I’m getting slightly discouraged. Now I may be able to wear any shoe but not jeans? I just want to feel somewhat in again

    The brace and shoe problem is a nightmare. I live in jeans




    • I live in jeans, too, but when I got the WalkAide, it wouldn’t fit under my bootleg jeans. Lucky for me, flare jeans are in style now, so I bought some flared ones, and the WalkAide fits under them just fine.

      Good luck with your Walkaide. Mine works so much better than a brace! Since getting it, I have been taking a Pilates Reformer class that has helped me strengthen my ankle and foot. They had weakened from wearing the brace.

      I plan to experiment with wearing some skirts, too, but I’m just more comfortable in jeans.

      Let me know what you think of the WalkAide.

      Best of luck!



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