WalkAide: some days it works better than others

July 6, 2014

Walkaide another photoOn Friday, I used the WalkAide at two Independence Day celebrations — one was a luncheon and the other involved dinner, a party and a community fireworks display.  I did a lot of walking outdoors on uneven ground. I was stepping up and down curbs, and as the evening wore on, I noticed I was walking more slowly.

I think I use different muscles when I walk with the WalkAide than when I walk with a brace, which causes my foot and leg to tire somewhat over time.

Saturday didn’t go well as previous days. I went shopping for clothes at a large consignment shop and followed that with a quick trip to the grocery store. I tried adjusting the location and the intensity of the device, but by the time I got to the grocery store, I felt as if I were having to concentrate on picking up my foot on every step. I was walking slowly and with difficulty.

So while my response to the WalkAide this week has been a positive one overall, I would like to work more with Todd to tweak the settings and recheck the placement of the device on my leg. I plan to ask him if  I can keep the device a little longer before I decide whether to buy it. It is expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it.

I have an appointment with Todd on Tuesday.

7 Responses to “WalkAide: some days it works better than others”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Jane, it sounds like the Walkaide is working good overall. As you know, I use a Bioness and as you stated, muscles are used differently (and maybe different muscles also) when walking with a brace versus with a Walkaide. As you use the Walkaide more, I’m sure your legs will get stronger and you won’t tire as easily. I encourage you to work with Todd on positioning and I really hope he’ll let you test drive it longer.


  2. sgraphos1028 Says:

    Life with MS is all about trial & error!!


  3. Char Bowman Says:

    Wow what an ordeal, sounds pretty darn cool tho, considering everything!




  4. luann Says:

    Looks like the walkaide is working for you. It sounds like you did a lot that day. Remember that with MS your legs may get tired and the walkaide may not help as much….not because of the walkaide , but your muscles are tired working harder. I have had walkaides for over 2 years, one for each leg. I love them and could not be without them now. I was lucky enough that a friend threw a fundraiser for me since ins would not cover, and i needed 2!


    • Thanks for reading my blog, Luann, and for your support as I decide whether or not to buy the Walk Aide. Look for an update about the Walk Aide today or tomorrow. I am glad that your Walk Aides are working well for you!


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