Double first cousins? What is that?

March 1, 2012

I’ll admit that I never heard of double cousins before I moved to the deep South. (OK, in case it isn’t obvious, I’ll admit that I wasn’t born in the deep South. But I was born in Oklahoma, and that’s pretty close. I consider Oklahoma to be the northwest corner of the Southeast U.S. But enough about me.)

Anyway (as they say in the South when transitioning from one topic to another), here’s an example of double first cousins: Bobby Joe and Sally Ann are brother and sister. They meet Johnny Ray and Amy Sue, who are also brother and sister but are not related to  Bobby Joe and Sally Ann. Bobby Jo and Amy Sue get married and have children, and Sally Ann and Johnny Ray get married and have  children. Their children are “double cousins” (meaning they are cousins with the same people on both their mother’s and father’s sides of the family).

Are you confused yet? If not, here’s some trivia from the Cousins Edition of Trivial Pursuit: Twenty six states in the U.S. allow marriage between first cousins. North Carolina is one of the 24 states that doesn’t allow marriages between first cousins, and it is also the only state that prohibits marriage between double cousins. I wonder why?

But that’s another post.


2 Responses to “Double first cousins? What is that?”

  1. Hunter James Says:

    More simply put, first cousins are double first cousins when they share the same grandparents; that is, a heritage through two brothers or sisters rather than through in-laws. I have been in all the states. My favorite is Alabama. It’s undecided, however, as between Alabama and Bavaria. .


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