‘I’m not dead yet.’

June 10, 2011

Richard Pryor’s seemingly defensive statement about MS resonates with me. Following his 1986 diagnosis, Pryor lived for 20 more years and continued to perform for as long as he could. In short, he never gave up, and I’m not going to give up either.

However, MS has changed my perspective on the way society treats people who have chronic conditions. When I walk with my cane into a grocery store and attempt to perch gracefully on an electric grocery cart (or electric grocery buggy as we say in the South), I notice that some customers treat me rudely.

I’ve watched another customer cut in front of me as I attempt to enter an aisle. I watch mutely as she pushes her buggy halfway down the aisle and stops, keeping me from going down the aisle by leaving her buggy on one side and standing on the other side.She grabs a can of stewed tomatoes, reads its label, and proceeds to do the same with every brand of stewed tomatoes on the shelf.

I say loudly, “Excuse me,” but she’s so intent on reading labels that she doesn’t see or hear me. She doesn’t respond. That’s the point at which I want to get in her face (as we say in the South) and yell loudly, “I’m not dead yet.”

But Southern ladies don’t raise their voices in the grocery store, so I decided to write a blog instead.


5 Responses to “‘I’m not dead yet.’”

  1. Ricky Veloz Says:

    I shop at publix and have the same problem, I try to go early in the morning so I don’t get worked up, goodluck!!


  2. Absolutlely Right! Says:

    IKEA is the work for the scooters and rude people – I often hum but finally told 3 women who were very obvious sisters – please move to one side or the other, you do not know the whole isle. i earn and spend mondy as well ladies!


  3. Nicole Says:

    When Richard died I cried and mourned like my uncle had passed. Though I knew we shared, MS it took me years to figure out why his death affected me so hard.
    People are just rude and self absorbed. I’m sure I’ve had my fair share of moments!


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